Dishonored trailer shows three daring escapes: teleportation, decapitation, possession

Messing up is part of the fun in Dishonored. If you find yourself outnumbered, or your attempts at stealth fail, you use Corvo's considerable array of talents to improvise an escape plan. The latest Dishonored trailer shows three escape sequences, each utilising a different skill. Would you like to see a man slide past a guard, teleport onto a rooftop and then decapitate his way to freedom? I thought you might. You'll find the trailer below.

If you'd like to know more about Dishonored, allow Tom to describe the time he hacked a deadly forcefield and fed a man to a piranha on a quest to kidnap an official in this Dishonored preview . For more footage, check out the Dishonored E3 demonstration and take a closer look at Dishonored's meticulously researched art style in these screenshots .

Dishonored is out on October 9 in the US, and October 12 in Europe. We're pretty excited about it.

Tom Senior

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