Dishonored videos show multiple methods of aristocratic assassination

Dishonored - pistols and cutlasses

There's more than one way to sneak into a brothel. At least that's what my dad taught me. Apparently Harvey Smith was raised on similar pearls of wisdom, because Bethesda have just released two Dishonored videos which show two radically different approaches to the problem.

The videos show the same demo Chris saw for our Dishonored preview back in April. The mission is to assassinate the Pendleton brothers, two slave driving mine owners who are hanging out in the Golden Cat brothel. It's accomplished twice over, and in style.

The first video (above) shows a cautious fifteen minute long stealth fest, the player sneaks through the shadows, takes out guards silently, clambers over ledges and makes extensive use of the game's blink and possession powers. The second video (below) is an eight minute slaughterhouse, where the player storms through the building, butchering anyone in his way in a storm of nimble, magical violence.

Which one do you prefer readers? And how do you plan to play Dishonored?