Dishonored 2 shines a spotlight on Corvo Attano in new video

Lest he be outdone by counterpart Emily Kaldwin, Dishonored 2's other playable hero Corvo Attano now has a spotlight video showcasing his skills, motives and place in the game's world. "We just had to do Corvo again," says creative director Harvey Smith in the following short. "We're so nostalgic about the character."

Smith goes on to explore Corvo's series lineage—he's first and foremost a foreigner in these worlds, however gets the chance to return to his native country in Dishonored 2 yet it's much different from how he remembers it. "It's a lands that's familiar to him and unfamiliar at the same time," Smith adds—something makes Corvo's place within the game's world seem all the more tenuous. 

Much similar to ally Emily, we've seen much of Corvo's abilities in motion already, however the game's lead designer Binga Bakaba goes into more detail regarding what he and his team were aiming for. "Corvo comes back with all of his powers," he says, "and what we wanted to do is not only put them in the new engine, but also find interesting tweaks or improvements to them."

From there Smith and Bakaba delve deeper into Corvo's powers, the results of which you can see here: 

"Players are really going to be torn," says Smith towards the video's end. "The new thing with Emily or the nostalgic thing with Corvo." This sentiment is echoed by Bakaba. "Right now, if you asked me to choose between the two, I would be hard pressed because I love them both," he says. "It's like choosing between your children."

Dishonored 2 is due November 11 (next Friday). You can read Shaun and Chris' individual early takes here and here, but let me ask you this: if you're planning on picking it up—who're you planning on playing as first?