Disgaea PC: Digital Deluxe Dood Edition is now up for prepurchase

Disgaea PC

Disgaea PC: Digital Deluxe Dood Edition, which includes Disgaea PC, a digital art book, and the Disgaea PC soundtrack, is now available for pre-purchase on Steam for $20/£15. In other good news, the Disgaea PC release date has been nailed down to February 24.

The PC edition of Disgaea was confirmed last year by a Steam listing that noted PC-specific enhancements including an updated UI and textures, support for keyboard and mouse, and Steam achievements, badges, trading cards, and cloud saves. It will include all the content from Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness, and as the new trailer demonstrates, will feature strategic combat, over-the-top battle animations, and at least one reference to a horse wiener.

“Ditch the melodrama and angst,” the narrator says. “Disgaea lightens the mood with humor, attitude, and general ridiculousness.”

I'd have to say that it looks like he's not kidding. If you're not familiar with Disgaea, you can find out more about how it rolls (although not Disgaea PC, because for some reason it's still not listed) at Disgaea.us.

Andy Chalk

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