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One of Fortnite Chapter 3's first challenges is to "discover the device location." As part of the Foundation/the Seven's plan to stop the Loop (you know, the thing keeping all us poor saps stuck in a battle royale purgatory), we need to find a device that will... do something. Frankly, I'm not sure what, but you get bonus XP for your trouble, so who cares? Bonus XP means a faster grind for your battle pass.

It's a pain to find one without knowing exactly where to go, especially because the "device" is just a small briefcase that you could easily pass by accident.

We've done the hard work of searching for a device and laying out exactly where to find it. Read on for the full guide.

Fortnite device location

You only need to find one device in Fortnite to complete this challenge, so we've gone with a relatively easy location that any player should be able to find. Check out the map below for the red circle marking the location.

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Near the top of the mountain in the northwest corner of the Chapter 3 map, you'll find a building. This is one of the Seven's secret bases where they're busy staging a resistance against the Imagined Order. Thankfully, these guys are on your side and won't shoot you on sight unless you're a jerk.

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Look for the building on the left. Inside on the ground floor, you'll find two desks with computers on them. Between the desks is a small briefcase. That's the device. Simply interact with it to finish the challenge. You'll also be treated to a bit of dialogue from one of the Seven.

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That's it! For your trouble you'll earn 25,000 bonus XP, and you still have all the other challenges to knock out.

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