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Devolver Digital's E3 2018 show included gore, a homage to Robocop, actual game announcements

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If you saw Devolver Digital's E3 conference last year (opens in new tab), you'll have had an idea what to expect: host Nina Struthers doing a pitch-perfect impersonation of frightening corporate passion, gore, skits, and maybe some hints about actual games. This year's was a short one, though it did find time to reveal "lootboxcoin" (opens in new tab) and end with an homage to Robocop. In between, there were actual trailers for actual games including a remake of FromSoftware's Metal Wolf Chaos (opens in new tab), a game in which the President of the United States puts on a mech suit to defeat a coup. You read that right. 

They also showed a trailer for My Friend Pedro (opens in new tab), a game about skateboarding while performing gun ballet which you might have seen some excellent gifs of (opens in new tab). (During the conference this led into Nina Struthers setting a man on fire for arguing over the pronunciation of the word 'gif' because this is still Devolver we're talking about.) Croteam's prison-riot survival game SCUM (opens in new tab) has a new Early Access trailer for the occasion too. And that's it until next year, when Struthers will presumably return as a full-blown cyborg to murder some more people. Can't wait.

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