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Devil May Cry 5 Ultra Limited Edition comes with Dante's coat, costs $8000

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The contents of limited-edition videogame bundles don't always live up to their price tags (opens in new tab). I'll let you decide if $8000 is an acceptable price for Devil May Cry 5. I mean, it does come with a floor-length leather coat. If that's what you're into.  

As reported by Eurogamer (opens in new tab), the action fighter's Ultra Limited Edition costs an eye-watering 900,000 Japanese Yen—which translates to around $8000/£6100. For that, expect the game itself and a replica of Dante's leather duster.

Look, see: 

If that's too frivolous, dropping down to the Nero Edition of the Ultra Limited Edition gets you Nero's jacket—which comes in at 750,000 Yen (around $6500/£5000).

And vouching for V's edition will only set you back 600,000 Yen (around $5300/£4000).

Devil May Cry 5 is due on March 8, 2019. Which means you'll only need to stick away roughly £321/$420 every week till launch to afford Dante's outerwear. 

Till then, here's footage of yer man Dante using his hat as a weapon (opens in new tab):