Devil May Cry 5 has no planned DLC beyond the Bloody Palace

Devil May Cry 5 looks like it won't have any DLC, aside from the Bloody Palace and what's inside the Deluxe Edition. The Bloody Palace launches in April and will be free. 

Responding to a question on Twitter, producer Mark Walker confirmed that the aforementioned survival mode would be the extent of the action game's post-launch offerings, though previous there'd been mention of vague DLC plans.

I reached out to Capcom and it clarified that the free update is all that's on the books. There is, however, some DLC that the game will launch with, including weapons, alt appearances, additional battle music and live action cutscenes. These are collected in a deluxe edition, though the items will also be available separately. 

Both Walker and Capcom PR carefully used the word "plans", so I wouldn't count out DLC entirely. Maybe the trio of pretty demon hunters will capture our hearts and we'll start demanding more adventures. It certainly looks promising. "Devil May Cry 5 is shaping up to be an exceptional return for the series," said Tom in his preview. 

Devil May Cry 5 is due out on March 8. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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