How to unlock the King's Fall red border weapon chest in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 King's Fall red border weapons - Warlock with a raid weapon
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King's Fall's red border weapons are used to extract patterns with which to make your very own crafted versions of the returning raid's most powerful guns. And there are some pretty strong perk combos available. The Zaouli's Bane hand cannon, for example, can roll Explosive Payload and Incandescent or Firefly, which rivals Fatebringer as a legendary weapon.

But as with Vow of the Disciple's hidden rooms, or the King's Fall secret chests, you're going to have to go a little out of your way in order to get them. If you complete the right steps, a guaranteed Deepsight weapon will be waiting in an extra chest after you defeat Oryx. Here, I'll explain what you need to do in order to get your weekly King's Fall red border weapon.

It's worth noting that King's Fall seems to be bugged right now. Some people report not getting the red border weapon chest despite following the correct method. Bungie hasn't confirmed the specific bug yet, but hopefully it gets fixed soon.

King's Fall red border weapons: How to unlock the chest

Similar to Vow of the Disciple, King's Fall requires you to do a little puzzling to unlock its guaranteed red border weapon chest. You're going to have to activate three symbols out of nine that are scattered throughout the activity, but you'll know which because the three you're looking for appear at the very start of the raid. 

Once you enter King's Fall, go down the corridor with the statues, and head underneath the platform with the staircases on either side to see three symbols. Be sure to make a note of what they are, as these are the ones you'll have to activate.

Every symbol in order of when you find them. (Image credit: Skarrow9)

The first person to detail this puzzle in-depth was Skarrow9, and you can see his video up above. He details where each symbol is located in the raid, and even provides this handy infographic showing the order you'll encounter them. Since the starting symbols are different each time, you're probably going to want to learn where they are, especially if you plan on running this raid a lot. 

Once you've found one the right symbols, all you need to do is shoot to activate it. Be aware that it is possible to activate symbols that aren't yours with splash damage, so be careful when shooting near them. When you've activated all three, you'll get a message saying "The runes accept your offering" and when you defeat Oryx, a second chest will appear to give you your random King's Fall red border weapon.

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