How to get map fragments in Destiny 2's Season of Plunder

Destiny 2 map fragments - Drifter holds the skeleton key
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Map fragments are one of the most important currencies in the new Season of Plunder, since they can be used to create treasure maps that will lead you to seasonal loot, or other plunder of your choosing. But unlike treasure coordinates, which come from doing basically every major activity in the game, you have to do something specific to get these.

In this Destiny 2 map fragments guide, I'll explain how to get the currency so you can create treasure maps, but also how to get new map types that will change what you get during your expeditions. Just like the lures from the Season of the Hunt, this time it's all about slotting in different map types to change what you get from the expedition.

If you're late to Bungie's big showcase, you may also be curious about the new destination of Neptune, the new Strand subclass, or the news that they are adding preset loadouts and in-game LFG when the expansion arrives.

Destiny 2 map fragments: Where to find them

You get map fragments in the Season of Plunder by completing the Ketchcrash activity. This unlocks after you've helped the Drifter retrieve his stolen goods and have talked to the Spider in the Eliksni Quarter of the last city, accessible through H.E.L.M. All you have to do is finish the six-person activity, also through H.E.L.M, and beat the last boss to get the fragments. A regular Ketchcrash seems to drop around ten map fragments.

Things are a little buggy right now, and some people are reporting that they aren't receiving map fragments, whereas for others, like me, they are receiving map fragments but they don't appear as a reward when the activity finishes. A new season launch is always a little buggy for Destiny 2, so hopefully Bungie will fix the issue before long.

How to get more treasure map types

Once you get map fragments and treasure coordinates, you can use them to slot a treasure map into your Captain's Atlas, which is available via your quest screen. This will allow you to claim an additional reward chest at the end of the Expedition activity. You only start with one treasure map, but you can unlock more as crew upgrades at the star map in H.E.L.M.

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Each upgrade does require Repute, though. Like Bound Presence from last season, you can only get this currency through a couple of the seasonal challenges each week which appear at the top of the list, so be sure to complete those if you want the maximum choice of available rewards for your Expeditions. No matter which treasure map you slot, you'll still get Plundered Umbral Energy, which can be used to focus engrams for seasonal weapons and armor. That's all there is to it!

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