How to get Touch of Malice in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Touch of Malice - guardians doing King's Fall raid
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Touch of Malice is the newest Destiny 2 exotic in the Season of Plunder, added alongside the returning King's Fall raid that's free to all players. This life-stealing scout rifle is from the original game's Taken King expansion, and it has a pretty thematic ability. When you get down to the last shot in its magazine, Touch of Malice drains health for increased damage, before regenerating that fired shot. Rapidly defeating three targets will also grant health.

As you'd imagine, with the healing grenades, rifts, and wells that also exist in Destiny now, this is a really strong weapon. Destiny 2's Touch of Malice also has a new secondary skill: rapidly dealing precision damage charges a Taken blight that you can fire to blind enemies. Since a big part of arc 3.0 is about blinding and defeating blinded enemies, this should have a lot of utility. That said, here's what you need to do for a chance to get Touch of Malice.

Destiny 2 Touch of Malice: How to get the exotic scout rifle 

You can only get Touch of Malice through the King's Fall raid, but the good news is that the raid is free to all players. Just like most other raid exotic weapons, this scout rifle only drops from the final encounter with Oryx, and even then, the chance that you'll actually get it is relatively slim.

You also only get one opportunity per character, per week, for Touch of Malice to drop, similar to Heartshadow in Duality. Sadly, unlike Duality, there isn't a way to boost your drop chances by completing triumphs and challenges in the activity. You'll just have to run the raid many times, and hope that you get lucky. Getting the Touch of Malice catalyst is far more elaborate, however, as you can see in this video from SneakyBeaver: 

The catalyst means that rapid precision hits increase reload speed and stability, which is pretty good when you're trying to get those three rapid kills for the regen. 

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