Where to find every King's Fall secret chest in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 King's Fall secret chest - Guardians with raid armor and weapons
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King's Fall's secret chests are a great way to get some extra weapons and armour from the returning raid, and to also grab mods for your raid armour that'll help make any subsequent run throughs a little bit easier. As with other raids, these chests are hidden between various encounters, and will require a little puzzling in order to open.

It's also worth considering that secret raid chests only draw from your current loot pool, meaning that, excluding mods, you can only get stuff from them that you've already gotten from a raid's main encounters. So, if you're opening these on your first run, the loot might not be the best, depending on how lucky you've been with your drops. 

These chests will also only give you rewards during your first run of the week with each character. As you've got three character slots, that means a maximum of three chances at each loot chest per week. That said, here's where to find each of the three King's Fall secret chests.

King's Fall secret chest 1

The first chest that you'll come across in King's Fall is after the initial encounter where you dunk the orbs into the statue, but before you arrive at the totems. There's a section where you ride on top of a Hive tombship towards a tall, narrow opening. Before you pass through it, look up to the left and you'll spot a sloping ledge you can jump to which leads to a small doorway with the chest inside. The door will only be open if you have people standing on the plates that move the ship. Once you've grabbed the chest, you can swap out with the plate people so they can grab it, too. You can see the exact location in the video by ThePhoenix above. 

King's Fall secret chest 2

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The second chest is located in Golgoroth's cellar, after the Warpriest encounter, and will require you to navigate the maze and for each player to stand on plates in a certain order. There's a really useful cellar map in the Destiny reddit created by Blake Robinson that lays out the area, what plates you need to stand on, and the obstacles you'll encounter trying to get to them. If you do all five correctly, you'll get a notification saying that a chest has appeared. 

King's Fall secret chest 3

The third King's Fall secret chest is found during the jumping puzzle after Golgoroth with the traps that boop you off the edge to your death. With someone stepping on the first plate, look to the right and bring up your ghost to reveal some hidden platforms on the other side of the ravine. Use these to climb up underneath the archway and they'll lead to a doorway and the room with the chest. As with the first chest, someone will need to be standing on the plate, but after you've got the chest, you can swap out with them. The great guide by Fallout Plays above shows it in detail.

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