How to get the Fortnite armor for free in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Fortnite armor
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The Destiny 2 Fortnite armor sets are a lot cooler than I thought they would be. As usual, the Warlocks have it best with their Painted Kitsune helmet and robes making them look like some kind of space-fox; pretty in-keeping with the recent reveal of a cyberpunk city on Neptune. The other fits aren't bad, either, though.

Titans get the Knightly Noire set, which is basically a black and red suit of armour, while the Hunters have the Eternal Vengeance set, which has pretty similar colouring, but also comes with a great-looking horned cloak and more of a cyber aesthetic. You can purchase these cosmetic sets now in Eververse, but there's also a way to get them without paying money, and here I'll tell you how.

Destiny 2 Fortnite armor: How to get it for free 

You can purchase all three cosmetic sets of Fortnite armor through Eververse for 1,500 Silver, which costs real money to buy. However, according to Today In Destiny's Eververse store schedule, individual armor pieces are going to be on sale for Bright Dust during weeks 4, 6, 8, 12, and 14 of the Season of Plunder. Bright Dust is a free currency that you spend in a dedicated store for cosmetics, and you get it through Eververse Engrams, season pass ranks, and by completing additional bounties from vendors like Zavala, Shaxx, and The Drifter, which is handy if you're already doing them to level your season rank. You also get a load for clearing every weekly challenge in a season.

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The bad news is that it costs 1,600 Bright Dust for each individual piece, which is around 400 more than ornaments cost last season. However, the positive is that if you don't like an entire set, but just want the Warlock's Kitsune mask, or that horned hunter cloak, you can get them without having to pick up everything. If you decide to buy the full set later, its price in Silver will also be reduced based on how many pieces you already own.

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