Despite an earthquake, Scum's developers are still updating their game

(Image credit: Gamepires)

Prison riot survival game Scum was released in Early Access in 2018, and has been updated regularly since by Croatian development studio Gamepires. Their latest update comes in the wake of an earthquake in Croatia's capital Zagreb, where their office is located, which was apparently the worst quake the city has suffered in 140 years.

"We at Gamepires are fortunately all safe," they say in the latest development blog, "but many people lost their homes and some of the ruined infrastructure is still being fixed. Our thoughts are with everyone who was affected by the earthquake." 

Given that Zagreb is currently under coronavirus lockdown, presumably they'd all be working from home right now anyway. Photos of their office show a lot of monitors, bookshelves, and potplants knocked over, but it seems like they avoided the worst of it and updates for Scum carry on.

The latest update include additions like: a bomb defusal minigame; UI markers for traps you place, visible in focus mode; a craftable sewing kit; item stacking for bolts, nails and money; damage to inventory containers, which can transfer to items inside them; various audio tweaks and quality of life additions. My favorite patch note is: "Fixed the bug when you would draw the compound bow the string would stretch in a demonic way."

In spite of everything Gamepires even had time for a second episode of their Scumcast.

Here's a guide to getting started in Scum.

Jody Macgregor
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