Delver, the first person RPG roguelike, dives into Steam Early Access

Now that all games are roguelikes, we can at least take comfort from the fact that there's a wide variety to choose from. If you want first person twitch shooting, there's a roguelike for that . If you want top-down action horror, there's a roguelike for that . And if you want a first person dungeon crawling, there's Delver, which has just popped up on Steam Early Access . As its trailer shows, the game offers the escalating trouser progression systems that you'd expect from a randomly generated RPG.

Why Early Access? “Delver is in an unfinished beta state at the moment and has it's share of bugs and rough edges that need filed down," write the devs, "but it's very playable even in this unfinished state. Help us guide the direction of the game with your early access help and feedback.”

Future plans include a "revamp" of the sound and art, the addition of special events and minibosses, and more complexity to the RPG's systems. Hopefully that means more trousers.

All we need now is for someone to make the emotionally charged interactive novel/dating-sim roguelike, and, by my calculations, we'll have the full set.

Phil Savage

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