Teleglitch gets even more murderous today with the Die More Edition

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Teleglitch (opens in new tab) has had it in for the human race ever since we neglected to hold a lift door open when Teleglitch was late for an important meeting. You can understand why the sci-fi horror roguelike is trying to kill us all then, and why developers Johann Tael, Mihkel Tael and Edvin Aedma have just re-released the game in even more deadly form, via new publishers Paradox. Out today (opens in new tab) , the Die More Edition adds "more weapons, more levels and more stress" - the perfect antidote to this sickeningly chilled-out summer.

Die More is (or soon will be) available from a ton of online retailers, including Steam. Owners of the original will get the upgraded game for free, but otherwise it will set you back around $12.99. That's actually not a bad price for a funeral. We gave the original version of Teleglitch a survival rating of 84% back in March (opens in new tab) , but if you want to see what's been added, you'll find some of it in the following trailer:

Tom Sykes

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