DeepCool's three-bladed Tristellar case available in June


DeepCool has announced that its Tristellar case, a mini-ITX unit with a futuristic-looking three-blade design, will be a real case you can buy with real money this June.

The Tristellar is fairly unique as far as cases go. Each of the case's three separate compartments serves a particular purpose. One compartment holds the motherboard, with room for a 120mm liquid cooling radiator and loop. The second blade is home to the GPU (up to 320mm long + a 90mm fan) and up to three 2.5" SSDs. Finally, the third blade holds the power supply, up to two 3.5" hard drives, and a slim-slot optical drive.

Thus far, the Tristellar has been exclusively available as a part of CyberPowerPC's Trinity system. The case measures 395x435x388mm, and weighs in at 16kg (35 pounds) without any parts inside. thanks to steel paneling all around. The case features two USB 3.0 ports as well as standard audio inputs on the front.

If you're already dreaming about building your next PC in DeepCool's rad bladed case, be prepared for the price. The Tristellar will be available in June for a painfully expensive $400.

Deep Cool Tristellar

Bo Moore

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