Death Stranding won't be at E3, so Hideo Kojima drops a new tease

The bad news is that the insistently weird Death Stranding will not be shown at E3, as creator Hideo Kojima said on Twitter today that his Kojima Productions studio is "fully focused on development." The good news is that he also shared a new piece of information about what he and his team are working on. 

The bad news, continued is that this tease is just as cryptic as everything else we've seen so far. 

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A spiderweb and the word "Bridges" isn't exactly a step-by-step diagram labeled with block letters, but for those who have been keeping up, the connection is clear—to a point. In the very strange Death Stranding teaser that debuted at last year's Game Awards, Guillermo Del Toro is shown wearing a lapel pin bearing a map of the United States—actually labeled "United Cities of America"—covered in a stylized spiderweb, with the word "Bridges" emblazoned above.   

What it means is anybody's guess, and so naturally there is plenty of guessing going on over in the Death Stranding subreddit. Redditors in one thread are trying to work out whether the web contains hidden morse code messages, to give you an idea of how it's going. There's also the theory that Jeff Bridges is going to join Guillermo and Mads Mikkelsen in the game, which would be cool but probably isn't likely to happen. 

Death Stranding hasn't actually been announced for the PC yet, but a Q&A posted when Kojima Productions opened its doors stated that a PC version will be released at some point after its debut on the PS4. That Q&A has since been deleted—perhaps because Sony doesn't want to share the spotlight on one of the most anticipated game releases of whatever year Death Stranding comes out—but fortunately Metal Gear Informer has a copy that you can read here

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