Death Stranding and Control lead the 2020 BAFTA nominations

(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

With the 2020 BAFTA Game Awards kicking off next month, the list of nominations has been announced, with games duking it out across 15 categories. A lot of these games appeared in similar lists last year, so there aren't too many surprises. You'll see a lot of Control, Death Stranding and Disco Elysium. 

Our Game of the Year is in the running for the Best Game BAFTA, along with Control, Luigi's Mansion 3, Outer Wilds, Sekiro and Untitled Goose Game. While Death Stranding is absent from that category, it shows up in plenty of others, inexplicably including Debut Game. Kojima Productions has released more than 20 games since 2005—although Death Stranding is its first since leaving Konami.

Control and Death Stranding both have 11 nominations, showing up in most categories, while Disco Elysium's bagged seven. Some of our other favourites, including Untitled Goose Game, Outer Wilds and Sekiro, also crop up a bunch, just in case you'd forgotten about these already lauded games. 

Aside from Death Stranding in Debut Game, the only other thing that leaps out as unexpected is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order appearing in the Narrative category. It's just a super straightforward Star Wars story told in the most unadventurous way. I've got a feeling this one's going to be between Disco Elysium and Control.

A few older games have also been given another shot at an award in the Evolving Games category. I'd absolutely swap Destiny 2 for Sea of Thieves, because only one of them has evolved into something good, but it's nice to see Path of Exile getting some love. Despite the pricey cash shop, I'm increasingly convinced that other live service games need to take a page out of Grinding Gear's book. 

Here's the full list of nominations.

The BAFTA Game Awards takes place on April 2, and in the meantime you can chat about who you'd pick on our forums

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