DC Universe Online out this week, features giant evil robotic egg

DC Universe Online giant evil robot egg

Superhero MMO DC Universe Online is out in the US today, and will be released everywhere else this Friday. Sony Online have released a trailer to celebrate, showing a mission set on Oolong Island, a place populated by mad scientists and bad robots, all acting under the control of a giant robot egg monster. You'll find the trailer embedded below.

Oolong Island is one of DC Universe Online's "Alerts". These are instanced team challenges that you and your team mates can jump into at any time. Alerts whisk you away to exotic locations that lie well beyond the boundaries of the two main cities of Gotham and Metropolis. Oolong island has to be the oddest one revealed so far, but who would pass up a chance to punch a giant robot egg in the face? For more on the game, check out the DC Universe Online site.

Tom Senior

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