DayZ update adds two new villages, a World War II monument and new sacks

Development on DayZ may be undergoing an overhaul thanks to the confirmed PlayStation 4 edition, but Bohemia Interactive continues to roll out weekly updates to the Early Access edition. This week you may encounter two villages that weren't there before, as well as a new World War II monument in Severograd, which is pleasant.

There are also a series of new animations and crafting options. "You can craft a leather sack," the patch notes proudly declare. You can also make a mosin wrap from a burlap sack. You can now put grass in burlap sacks. Sack enthusiasts have no doubt barracked for these changes for many, many months. New animations include igniting fireplaces, restrained runs, fishing and cow animation. But in the end, the significance of any change depends on how you play DayZ, so for your convenience the full patch notes:


Player is unable to attack with any weapon under certain circumstances

Character freezes for a few seconds after throwing an item under certain angle

Players experience desync when engaged in melee combat while their network bubbles overlap

Random throwing of items

Ladders can't be used after hit by a grenade explosion

Player is stuck in building after reconnect

Player cannot respawn properly after drowning

When restrained while unconscious player stays restrained until he reconnects

Character goes prone after using drink all action on canteen

Random police car spawning doesn't work properly. Cars are not visible, loot is there though.


Animations: Igniting fireplace

Animations: Restrained sprint (run)

Animations: Fishing (pull out, check, start)

Animations: Searching for berries, digging

Animations: Cow animation sets

Crafting: You can craft leather sack

Crafting: You can craft mosin wrap from burlap sack

Crafting: You can add grass to burlap wrap

Crafting: You can sharpen wooden sticks

Crafting: You can combine sharpened sticks and feather to create a primitive arrow

Crafting: Preparing chicken will now also give you some chicken feathers

Crafting: You can saw mosin-nagant 9130 off

Crafting: You can paint sawn-off mosin-nagant 9130

Crafting: You can tear bandana mask into rags

Crafting: You can attach and detach Smersh Backpack to Smersh Vest

Gear: Crafted leather sack

Gear: Smersh Vest

Gear: Smersh Backpack

Gear: Sharpened Stick

Gear: Chicken Feathers

Gear: Primitive Arrow

Gear: Added lifetime and persistence parameters

Gear: Bow can now use primitive arrows

Gear: Tank helmet

Loot: Randomized police cars spawns (works but cars are not always visible - see known issues)

Loot: Some guns spawn with ammo now

Weapons: Sawed-off variant of mosin-nagant 9130

World: Sinistok village is added.

World: Vavilovo village is added.

World: New WW2 monument has been added to Severograd town.

World: Oak tree was replaced by new model.


Animations: Slow and fast move with raised Bow in crouch

Animations: Silence gesture crouch and prone polished

Actions: Tearing bandana into rags produce only one rag now

Actions: Highly increased chance of finding an apple

Actions: Slightly increased chance of finding a berry

Character: Moved position of collision shapes for standing and crouching poses with two-handed weapon

Cooking: Highly reduced chance of getting food poisoning from burnt meat

Crafting: Tracksuit pants can be mended with sewing kit

Graphics: Textures for epinephrine and fire extinguisher improved

Engine: First iteration of wall clipping fix

Gear: Gorka pants takes four slots

Loot: Heli-crashsites fixed

Loot: Loot tables changed

Loot: Rotten fruit and vegetables removed from loot spawns

Weapons: Crossbow dispersion tweaked

Weapons: CR 527 magazine cannot be repainted

Weapons: Range for all melee weapons and fists tweaked

Weapons: All melee weapons are set to use cursor for hit now

Weapons: CR 527 magazine description edited

Weapons: MP5 30Rnd magazine takes up two vertical slots

Weapons: Shotguns damage

Weapons: Improvised bow dispersion tweaked

Shaun Prescott

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