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DayZ's Playstation 4 version will provide "benefit to the existing PC early access", says Dean Hall

There were few PC-relevant announcements at Sony's Gamescom press conference last night, but one familiar face did appear for a surprise reveal. Dean Hall emerged on stage to announce a Playstation 4 version of DayZ. More than that, Hall took time to explain how the console port of the popular survival game would also enhance the existing PC version.

"When we were considering console versions, we were acutely aware of how important the PC version is to us," Hall said on-stage. "We didn't want to just port DayZ, but to develop the game to each platform's strengths. Commitment to the Playstation 4 version has given us cause to expand the parameters of the overall project, providing benefit to the existing PC early access."

Hall pointed to the provision of 64-bit servers as one such example of the increased scope of the project, and also announced a visual overhaul. "We're now committed to developing an entirely new cross-platform renderer to bring amazing new visuals to the game," he said. "Through an adaptable approach and development environment, this addition will allow not only Playstation 4 owners to get into DayZ, but it will improve all DayZ player experiences."

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Phil Savage
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