DayZ Standalone video shows the power of teamwork, outlines updates to injuries and map

There's a little bit of everything in the DayZ Standalone's latest video diary , which starts off with a nicely choreographed montage of multiplayer scenes (including a disturbing moment where a guy is made to kneel on the ground and strip everything but his undergarments), before moving on to an update by Rocket on the state of the alpha (it's not ready yet, sadface), and finally some developer interviews. You'll find all 17 minutes, and a summary, below.

The alpha's sadly not available for public consumption yet, as according to Dean Hall "there's just nothing there to play, nothing there to really enjoy" yet. However, he did go on to elaborate on the game's new injury system, which will have more animations to better reflect your character's state of ill-health. Around halfway through, developer Ivan Buchta talks about the new additions to Chernarus, namely a bunch of new clinics and police stations - the post-zombie-apocalypse equivalent of candy stores.

The DayZ Standalone (man, it needs a better name) may be some way off yet, but you can always play DayZ Arma 3 in the meantime. In fact, we highly recommend it .

Thanks to PCGamesN .

Tom Sykes

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