Days Gone on PC won't support DLSS or ray tracing

Days Gone
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The PC release of Days Gone is just over a week away, and while things like ultrawide monitor support are being added, Bend Studio has revealed that DLSS and ray tracing won't be supported.

The pre-launch blog post answered a few questions surrounding the upcoming PC release. Some things we already knew from the initial announcement—like the port including all post-launch content from the PlayStation 4 version, unlocked framerates and ultrawide monitor support. The system requirements also popped up on Steam before it even had a firm release date.

But there's a few new nuggets of information in the FAQ that we didn't know until now. For the question regarding DLSS support, Bend Studios wrote that it won't be supported "at this time." That hopefully implies DLSS support will be added down the road. It's a different story for ray tracing though, which has a much more definitive statement of "Days Gone on PC does not support ray tracing." 

There are a couple of nice additions though, like a FOV slider up to a maximum of 100 degrees and an enhanced version of the game's photo mode which will sport a "Super Resolution feature." Bend Studios also previously boasted improved graphics for the PC version, and the FAQ shows a decent amount of customisable graphic options which is always a bonus.

Days Gone releases on Steam on May 18.

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