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Days Gone will release on PC this May

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Days Gone now has a release date for PC, coming to Steam and Epic Games Store on May 18.

The biking survival horror hit the PlayStation 4 back in 2019 as one of Sony's first-party games. Earlier this year, the company announced it would be bringing "a whole slate (opens in new tab)" of their games to PC, with Days Gone being the first to arrive.

The game went up as a listing on Steam back in February, giving us a glimpse at the system requirements (opens in new tab) and also the inclusion of ultrawide monitor support. It'll also have unlocked framerates, improved graphics and includes all of the post-launch content featured on the PlayStation 4 version.

Days Gone hitting PC comes off the back of another Sony brainchild, Horizon Zero Dawn, arriving on Steam and Epic Games Store last summer. PlayStation's Jim Ryan vaguely told GQ (opens in new tab) that the PC port went relatively well, saying "people liked it and they bought it." Ryan also said it didn't seem to piss off PlayStation fans too much, so everybody wins.

No word on what any of the other 'slate' of games coming from Sony will be, but hopefully we'll see some announcements trickle in over the next few months. Bloodborne (opens in new tab), please?

The article previously stated that Days Gone released on PlayStation 4 in September, when it was April 2019. The article has been updated to reflect the correct date.

Mollie Taylor
Mollie Taylor

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