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Darkwood interactive trailer asks whether you'll fight or flee

Darkwood is a top-down, roguelikey, randomised horror, and one that (based on trailers at least) appears to have an atmosphere you could cut with a rusty machete. We mentioned that it was coming to Steam Early Access back in April , but it turns out that "coming soon" meant "coming in a few months". A new interactive trailer reveals that Darkwood's now pitching camp in the Early Access wilderness on July 24th, a date which couldn't be more next week if it tried.

Darkwood mixes open world survival with randomised environments with adventurey pointing-and-clicking with battles against the nasty inhabitants of the game's titular gloomy copse. It's right up my alley, basically, so let's hope the Early Access version isn't too buggy or incomplete to enjoy.

In addition to that Early Access date, devs Acid Wizard Studio released a new interactive trailer, or if you want to split hairs, one trailer that diverges into two follow-up trailers based on a decision at the end. The decision here being whether you fight or run from a baddie - I chose to leg it, naturally. Make your own choice below, then cheat using your browser's back button like you did with all those Fighting Fantasy books.