Dark Souls 2: ultimate armour guide

My weirdest outfits

Maughlin in Majula sells the Moon Butterfly set on two conditions: you've already spent 16,000 souls with him, and you're on NG++ (alternatively, simply use two bonfire ascetics). Careful, it's poisonous, so talking to any NPC with the set on turns them hostile. The set also allows you to jump without sprinting.

Buy the Smelter Demon set from Maughlin the Armorer after defeating it in the Iron Keep. With its hooves and horned head, you look like a sort of fancy dress bull without the back end. But, you know, from Hell.

There's something unsettling going on here. I can't work out if it's the creepily impassive Manikin Mask, the Bandit Armour with sheep skull-lined shoulder, or the barely-there loincloth. Probably all three *shudder*. The mask drops from Manikin in Earthen Peak, and Magerold in the Iron Keep sells the Bandit Set.

There are two headpieces to the Dragon Acolyte set—a mask and a hood. The former can be farmed, along with the rest of the set, from Dragon Acolytes in Aldia's Keep. They jump out from behind giant paintings. The latter (pictured) is a little rarer, a drop from the giant caged basilisk just before. To ensure better drop rates, turn the page for a series of pragmatic armour for all occasions.