Dark Souls 2: ultimate armour guide

My favourite outfits

There's a reason the Faraam set took centre stage in Dark Souls 2's promotion—just look at that fur lining. To get your hands on it, proceed to the King's Gate bonfire in Drangleic Castle. Then turn right into the room with the statues and head towards the far left door. Fall through the floor in this room to find the armour waiting for you. Note: to open the door you'll have to kill an enemy near the statue.

Fashionistas, pay attention: the Tights of Judgement go with anything. After the first Drakekeeper in the Dragon Shrine, stick a stone in the Pharros' Contraption, destroy the fake wall, and pop open the chest for the entire Judgement set. Top off the look with a gold and burgundy Mask of Judgement. I've upgraded mine with Twinkling Titanite to raise defence and complete the look.

The Dark Mask adds a certain Hot Topic twist. Find it in a chest behind the wooden hut housing the first bonfire of Aldia's Keep (oh, be warned, it's a Mimic). As for the torso, remember seeing those depressed knights sitting with bowed heads? They're called Heide Knights, and they drop armour. You may have to kill them a few times to get the piece you want, but unfortunately they don't respawn without the aid of a bonfire ascetic. There's one after the Crestfallen's Retreat bonfire in the Forest of Fallen Giants, one after the Exile Holding Cells bonfire in the Lost Bastille, and one after the Ruined Fork Road bonfire in the Shrine of Winter (take the left path).

Uh, I had a little accident in makeup. See the black face? This happens occasionally. It seems to occur when I swap between the White Ring and the Ring of the Dead, but so far I've found no consistent way to replicate the glitch. To deflect attention away from it, I've accented Velstadt's glimmering gold armour with scarlet Leather Gloves and Falconer Boots, and topped it with a Bone Crown. That's my one fashion rule: always show off your best assets.

Maughlin in Majula sells both the Falconer Set and Velstadt's Set (you must defeat Velstadt in the Undead Crypt for the latter), while Titchy Gren sells the crown after you defeat the Skeleton Lords. Titchy is located in the bonfire after the Executioner's Chariot boss. Finally, the gloves are found in a chest near the Soldier's Rest bonfire. You'll need the key from the Last Giant to access this area.

The runways of Milan wouldn't baulk at this selection of classy, co-ordinated armour styles. Now we enter the realm of the avant garde with a round-up of Dark Souls 2's most bizarre outfits. PREPARE THYSELF.