Dark Souls 2: ultimate armour guide

Dark Souls 2 is one big fashion parade. Whether you want to resist fire, boost intelligence, or up the intimidation factor online, what you wear matters. Others have already written exhaustive checklists of the game's armour sets, so instead PC Gamer's resident fashionista Ben has devised some fabulous custom ensembles—some for form, others for function. Check them out below.

There's a sizeable selection, so we've broken it into chunks so you can find the fashion you're looking for.

Page 2: Ben's favourite outfits

Page 3: Dark Souls 2's weirdest outfits

Page 4: Outfits for farming rare items, raising equipment load, more effective magic, tougher tanking and surviving high falls.

Page 5: Outfits for boosting fire resistance (great for Iron Keep), dressing like the enemy, dressing like a phantom, one-off armour pieces and becoming a humble pot.