Dark Souls 2 release date set for March 2014

Ah, E3. Do we love you or hate you? On one hand, that single week of June is filled with so much flashy marketing it makes our eyes ache, but on the other, we get to learn awesome new things about video games. Even now, a full week before E3, we're learning stuff. For instance: a massive banner slapped on the LA Convention Center has today confirmed the release date for masochism-simulator Dark Souls 2.

The above photograph, courtesy of All Games Beta , reveals a March 2014 release date on the banner. It still seems half an age away, but given that PC gamers only received Dark Souls in August last year, a year-and-a-half isn't really that much of a wait for a sequel (assuming a simultaneous PC release). Not that I'm over the brutality it inflicted upon me yet; I think I'll be cushioning myself with that fluffier brand of fantasy for now.