Cuphead is getting turned into a Netflix series

(Image credit: Studio MDHR)

Devilishly tricky 2D shooter Cuphead is getting an animated comedy spin-off on Netflix, with Studio MDHR's Chad and Jared Moldenhauer serving as executive producers. Unlike the game, The Cuphead Show will be possible to finish even if your hands refuse to obey your commands. 

The cartoon will be produced by Netflix Animation and will apparently give us more Cuphead and Mugman antics as it expands upon the weird world we saw in the game. Cuphead was inspired by Fleischer and Disney cartoons from the '30s, so an animated series isn't much of a leap. 

Writers and voice actors have yet to be announced, so it's probably early days for the production. Like fellow adaptation The Witcher, expect Netflix to tease us with costume tests and photos. Cuphead in a long silky wig, perhaps. Mugman in a corset. That sort of thing. Give our Cuphead review a read while you wait.

I've got no illusions about my dexterity, so I skipped Cuphead, depriving myself of some superb animation. I'm quite looking forward to The Cuphead Show, then, as I won't need to continually punish myself over and over again just to watch a neat cartoon. 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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