Here's when Cult of the Lamb unlocks in your timezone

Cult of the Lamb release time - A lamb taking part in an occult ritual
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The Cult of the Lamb release is upon us; the time is nigh to gather your cult of cutesy followers and fight the false prophets infesting the woods for dominance. "This is Animal Crossing if Tom Nook craved power instead of money" is what we called it in our Cult of the Lamb review, and to be honest, that sounds pretty fun.

So what time can you expect to play? In this Cult of the Lamb release guide, I'll go through the Steam launch times for each region, so scroll down for more details. If you're eager to get a headstart on founding your furry cult, see our followers, doctrines, or our Cult of the Lamb tips guides. 

Cult of the Lamb release times 

The Cult of the Lamb release date for most regions is August 11, with the exception of Oceania, who'll be able to play on the 12th. Here's the full list of times for when you can expect to play on Steam: 

  • UK: 3 pm BST
  • Europe: 4 pm CEST
  • US East Coast: 10 am EST
  • US West Coast: 7 am PST
  • Australia: 12 am AEST (August 12)
  • New Zealand: 2 am NZST (August 12)

As you'd expect Cult of the Lamb is a pretty small game size-wise and should only take up 4GB. You can also find the exact system requirements on the official Steam page.

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