Cult of the Lamb followers guide: How to help your flock thrive

Cult of the Lamb followers
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Cult of the Lamb followers are important for a couple of reasons. You won't have much of a cult if you don't have a loyal flock to do your bidding. You'll also need followers to run things while you're away, righteously rampaging through the Lands of the Old Faith.

You'll need to increase the Loyalty of your followers, as well as monitor the overall Faith of the Cult if you want your flock to thrive. Cult of the Lamb doctrines can help with this by unlocking additional traits and rituals to help keep your followers happy. Here's what you need to know about Cult of the Lamb followers, including how to increase their Loyalty and what to do when one of them dissents.

Cult of the Lamb followers: How to grow your cult 

When you're first starting out and you realise how vital followers are for your cult, you might want to know where you can get others. Finding new followers is a bit randomised, but you will pick up followers naturally as you explore the Lands of the Old Faith—usually when defeating a boss, or if you come across the poor soul as they're about to be sacrificed.

It's also possible to get more by talking to your current followers. One of mine requested that the cult take a couple of starving followers so it's worth paying attention if one of them has something to say.

How to increase follower Loyalty 

It's not enough just to recruit followers; you need to keep them loyal to you and the Cult. There are a few ways you can do this and the Read Mind ability can be useful to know what your followers are worried about so you can keep them loyal.

Each day you can give a Sermon to all followers at your temple and a Blessing to each follower individually to increase their Loyalty by five points. Other options are giving them gifts, which you can often find when out on Crusades, or completing quests for them. So if a follower approaches you with a red exclamation mark above their head, pay attention because, more often than not, they'll have a request which can give a big chunk of Loyalty once completed.

Once a follower gains enough Loyalty, they will level up, rewarding you with a Commandment Stone fragment which are needed to unlock Cult doctrines. You can keep track of a follower's Loyalty by looking at the bar that appears on top of their heads while interacting with them. The higher a follower's level, the more Devotion they will generate when worshipping at the Shrine, which in turn is needed to unlock new buildings. 

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What about Faith? 

Faith is the measurement of how much the Cult as a whole trusts and worships you. You can see the Cult's Faith level in the top left corner of your screen. This is increased by performing Rituals or Sermons at your temple, as well as making sure there's enough food and shelter for every Cult member.

There are several things that can negatively impact the overall Faith of the Cult, though even these can depend on individual follower traits as well as the doctrines you've unlocked. These are: 

  • Hunger
  • Sickness
  • Unclean surroundings
  • The death of the follower
  • Dying on a Crusade
  • A dissenting follower

Most of these can be avoided or overcome pretty easily by keeping an eye on your flock. Most of the danger comes from being away for periods of time on a Crusade, so make sure your flock is happy and healthy before venturing out.  

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What to do if a follower dissents 

Occasionally you'll get a follower that dissents and starts preaching against you to other members of the Cult. It can be pretty worrying as you watch them stomp about angrily trying to turn everyone against you. 

The overall Faith of the Cult will decrease the longer the offending follower is left to do their thing so it's vital to get everyone back under your control as quickly as possible. The first course of action against a dissenting follower is to preach a Sermon and perform a Ritual at the temple. If these are on cooldown, or if they're not having much of an impact, there are a couple of things you can try.

If you've unlocked the Murder Follower action via doctrines, wait until everyone is asleep, then wake up the dissenting follower and put an end to them. Harsh? Probably. But it sorts out the problem quickly. An alternative is to put them in Jail, if you've unlocked that building. Just be aware that other followers might not be happy whatever you decide. 

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Cult of the Lamb Follower traits and appearances 

New followers have predetermined traits which can affect several aspects of their personality. Some will be positive, like increased work speed, for example, while another might cause the follower to lose faith when sick. These traits appear to be random and it's worth paying attention to use these traits to your advantage. 

Whenever you recruit a new follower, you can choose their appearance from a number of options and you can unlock more as you explore the game. Some are tied to the different regions you explore while others are unlocked either by buying them from shops, looting them—there's one behind some bushes near the hut at The Lonely Shack—or as one of the choices of rewards for beating a boss. 

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