​How to attack on CS:GO’s Train map

Attacking bombsite B

Just like on A, smokes are a crucial part of a successful B-take. The first smoke is very straightforward. Simply smoke off lower to deny any snipers far back their much needed target practice. It's also a good idea to pop a flash before you push in case a counter-terrorist is waiting for you on top of low train.

The next smoke will make it easier for you to reach the plant spot. Line up the smoke and time the throw with whoever smokes lower before you attack.

The third smoke is for upper. Just like the one on lower the main purpose is to avoid getting killed by a player far back. Once you have the smoke screen up you can assist by making sure no one tries to sneak up on your teammate while he plants the bomb.

Remember that you don't need to take the site with five terrorists. It doesn't make sense to go ham with the entire team and then have to try to get back through lower for a post-plant position. I recommend that one player stays behind to make sure that you are aware of any counter-terrorists coming in from behind.

Take your time

Because of the nature of Train you will have lots of time to decide what site to attack. Before the final push, you are quite separate from the defending team. This gives you the opportunity to split up and try to secure kills. Pay attention to how your enemies play. Will they rotate a guy from B if you get a kill on ivy? Are they passive and slow to rotate? Use information of this kind to your advantage.

'Eco round'

A round where a team buys little to no equipment in order to save money for future rounds.

Try to keep track of what they bought in the previous round and how many losses, wins and surviving players they've had to get a sense of whether or not they will be able to buy proper weapons. This may seem a bit confusing, especially if you're new, but it's important. If they are on an eco round they are more prone to go for the risky play, which means you will need to be careful. For instance, if you're up against an eco and you don't gather information before you attack you might run into a five man stack on one site. Because of your smokes you won't be aware of the fact until it's too late.

Bonus trick!

This molotov is really strong in one versus one situations to keep the counter-terrorist off the bomb for a few extra seconds. Fire is your friend!

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