Crysis 2 demo out now (updated)

Crysis 2 Pier 17 map

As promised , the multiplayer demo of Crysis 2 just came out . Grab it directly from EA with these linkomatic words - it's a relatively slim 1.6GB download. Whether you care about the multiplayer or not, this is the first chance to see all the shiny running on your own PC.

Update: looks like the login servers are down at the moment, meaning you can't create an account in-game. Some of the mirrors for the demo don't go up until 12.00AM PST / 8PM GMT, so that may be when the servers will wake up.

Update 2: the problem is a server overload. It's not affecting everyone and Crytek are working to resolve it , but have no ETA yet.

Update 3: all working our end now, try again if you had problems. Anyone still having issues, let us know in the comments.

The demo features two game modes and two maps: Skyline is a fight across rooftops, and Pier 17 is a wide open, smashed up version of the real location on the southern tip of Manhattan. Which, before the alien invasion at least, had a great fish market. There's a guide to the tactical nuances of Pier 17 here , and one for Skyline here . Neither provides a practical guide to negotiating a fair price for hake.

Once you've tried it out, let us know how it runs on your rig - Crytek have made a big deal of the CryEngine 3 being more efficient than the one they built for the infamously demanding Crysis 1.