Crowfall Kickstarter finishes with nearly $1.8 million

Crowfall concept

It became obvious that the Crowfall Kickstarter was going to be big when it blew past its funding goal in just three days. And thanks to a strong push in the final day, it ended up just shy of $1.8 million, well over double its original target of $800,000.

According to the Kickstarter-concluding update, the Crowfall campaign surpassed the $1.5 million mark on the morning of March 25, then added $275,000 more in the final 24 hours, bringing the grand total to $1,766,204. That amount will continue to climb as development progresses, as developer ArtCraft Entertainment is maintaining its own in-house crowdfunding campaign at It also means that a total of 15 stretch goals have been tacked on, including the Stoneborn Relic, which will be given to all backers.

"Now we get to work!" the studio wrote. "We have a game to build. We refine the vision. We engage with you on the forums. We discuss our ideas (and mistakes) openly. We find the right solutions, together."

If you've somehow managed to avoid hearing about Crowfall until now, it's a Game of Thrones-esque MMO being developed under the auspices of J. Todd Coleman and Gordon Walton, veterans of the genre whose previous games include Ultima Online, Shadowbane, Star Wars: Galaxies, and Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you're interested and would like to know more, be sure to check out our preview from February.

Andy Chalk

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