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Crackdown 3 gets an explosive new gameplay trailer at E3 2018

Crackdown 3's been subject to a number of surprise delays, but this fun gameplay trailer revealed at Microsoft's Xbox conference underlines the fact that we'll definitely be playing it in February 2019. 

Here's a bunch of ludicrous stuff that appears in the trailer:

- A tank being thrown at a spaceship.
- Cars driving up the sides of buildings.
- A sci-fi weapon where you can tether enemies together.
- A car transforming into a tank.
- Mechs, mostly being destroyed.
- A giant sci-fi snake, because why not?

No sign of its destruction-based multiplayer mode, though. Hopefully we'll get hands-on with Crackdown 3 again this week. Stay tuned. 

Samuel has been PC gaming since 1993, beginning with the questionable Mario Is Missing on DOS. He knows that Red Alert has the best skirmish mode of all the C&C games, and if you disagree, he’ll attach a tiny balloon to you and send you back to mother base.