Celebrate some of gaming's greatest tunes with the PC Gaming Show 2020 Album, free to listen to now

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To celebrate some of our favourite game soundtracks of all time, we've worked with Austin Green to create an album of awesome covers. You will hear the tracks play before the start of the PC Gaming Show this Saturday June 13 at 11 AM Pacific on Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter.

But hey, why wait til then? The full album is free to listen to on Bandcamp and Soundcloud right now, or via the widget just below.

Here's the list of tracks:

1. Forest Funk—Super Meat Boy
2. Main theme—Max Payne
3. Main Title—Hearthstone
4. Grabbag—Duke Nukem
5. Main Theme—Team Fortress 2
6. Hopes and Dreams—Undertale
7. Toss a Coin to your Witcher—The Witcher TV show

Austin particularly enjoyed adapting the Super Meat Boy soundtrack. "It was the most complex track, melodically. Lots of fun to play on guitar, and experimenting with filters and distortion like in the intro and middle sections turned out great!"

Adapting the soundtracks to different styles can be a complicated process as Austin's ideas for the track shift during the song's creation. "I went with a surf-rock sound with the Team Fortress 2 track, but that wasn't my intention going in. I experimented with a few different (heavier) guitar sounds before dialing it back and trying with a cleaner tone, then added a drop of spring reverb to solidify it as a surf rock sound. The rest followed pretty quickly from there."

"I get lots of ideas while working on a project, sometimes during recording I may slip up and accidentally put a new rhythmic or melodic spin on something, which turns into a new variation that will come up when that melody repeats. Other times, I may listen back to a section that I thought was a real heavy-hitter at the time I recorded it, but if its not gelling well with the rest of the track, it gets scrapped."

You can find more of Austin's work in this tribute to Quake 2—Stroggos Rising. Hopefully the PC Gaming Show 2020 Album will get everyone in the mood for a huge collection of reveals at the show this year. We're featuring more than 50 games—the most we've ever hosted. Here's a full round up of all the different ways you can tune in. Meanwhile, let us know which track you like best. I'm partial to performing some air guitar during Toss a Coin to your Witcher myself.

Tom Senior

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