Cooler Master's MasterBox MB600L is an affordable case for liquid cooled PCs

Cooler Master has added another mid-tower chassis to its lineup, one that features multi-zone RGB lighting, an acrylic side panel, and some decent cooling options, including support for liquid coolers. In fact, this is one of the more affordable cases for users who plan to liquid cool their PCs.

The new MasterBox MB600L comes three different color trims—red, black, and sliver—and with or without an optical drive bay. Regardless of those options, each version has a brushed front panel, and room enough for up to a 280mm radiator installed up front (up to 50mm thickness, without a fan) if opting for an optical drive, or up to 360mm without an optical drive installed.

For air cooling, the options are somewhat limited—the MB600L accommodates up to two 120mm or 140mm fans in the front (up to three 120mm without an ODD) and a single 120mm fan in the back, the latter of which Cooler Master includes.

Drive options are pretty sparse as well. There is dedicated SSD mount, along with two more bays that can be used for either 3.5-inch HDDs or 2.5-inch HDDs (or one of each).

While the MB600L doesn't look especially roomy, it supports "even the largest, widest cards," up to 400mm long. CPU coolers up to 160mm high, and the bottom chamber supports power supplies up to 180mm deep.

We did not find any online retailers carrying this case at the time of this writing, though according to TechReport, it should be available today for $50.

Paul Lilly

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