Cooler Master launches MasterWatt PSU line with longer cables

Cooler Masters says its customers have been asking for longer power supply cables on its 80 Plus Bronze certified PSUs, and so it is delivering exactly that with is new MasterWatt series.

The cables are 14 percent longer than its previous generation GM series, which the MasterWatt line is intended to replace. This is to accommodate larger cases where cable management can be tricky with shorter cables. However, adding more length is not the only difference.

"The MasterWatt series use more conductive PCI-e cables that are 16AWG for less resistance, thus increasing efficiency of power delivery to graphics cards," Cooler Master says.

Cooler Master is also touting higher quality components in the construction of the MasterWatt series, which is partially aimed at reducing noise. According to Cooler Master, the component upgrades allow these PSUs to output up to 15 percent of rated wattage before the fan kicks on.

There are four wattage options in this series: 450W (€60), 550W (€70), 650W (€80), and 750W (€90). Both the 450W and 550W sport the following connectors:

  • 1 x ATX 24-pin
  • 1 x CPU 12V 4+4 pin
  • 2 x PCIe 6+2 pin
  • 6 x SATA
  • 2 x peripheral 4-pin
  • 1 x FDD

The 650W and 750W models up the ante with two additional PCIe 6+2 pin connectors for a total of four, and add a third peripheral 4-pin connector.

It's a bit of an odd combination, giving users longer cables presumably intended for higher spec builds in large cases, but sticking with 80 Plus Bronze efficiency. These days, 80 Plus Gold power supplies with similar output wattages are available at prices similar to the MasterWatt, though perhaps without the long cables.

These will be available by the end of October. Two of the models are available for preorder in the US from Newegg—the 650W model ($70) and the 750W model ($80). All four models are backed by a 5-year warranty.

Paul Lilly

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