Warzone red door locations: Here's what we know

Warzone red door locations
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Looking for the red door locations in Warzone? With Warzone Season 4 well underway, there have been some minor changes to the mysterious portals that randomly appear across Verdansk. Of course, that's not all the mid-season update offers, but once you've checked out the new weapons and got a feel for the balance changes, such as the Warzone Assault Rifle Bravo, you might want to turn your attention back to these enigmatic portals.

The red doors have been showing up in Verdansk since the season started, though you may have spotted them during the cutscene that ushered in the new Warzone map back at the beginning of Season 3. And while these red doors won't teleport you back through time, they can help you get an advantage early on. Here's what we know about Warzone red doors, including what's new in Season 4 Reloaded.

Are there new red doors in Warzone? 

So far, no new red doors have appeared since the mid-season patch went live, but that doesn't mean there haven't been any changes. 

We know that going through a red door teleports you to a random loot-filled room, but now there's a chance you could end up being re-deployed over Verdansk—though it's unclear if this is intentional or some sort of bug. 

If you do get transported to a room like before, look out for the Sentry Gun killstreak and Specialist Bonus Tokens. Just be wary of any boxes marked with a red cross as these release a poisonous gas when opened and will damage you if you don't leave the room soon after.

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Warzone red door locations: What they are and where to find them 

The red doors are mysterious transportation devices that, once entered, will teleport you to a random location in Verdansk, or possibly re-deploy you. Up to four players can travel through the same door and end up in the same location before the door closes. The same door can be reopened but the room you end up in will change.

They appear in random locations on the map, and this will change with each match. It does seem that the red doors spawn around certain areas, though again, their individual locations may vary. The map above gives you an idea of where red doors appear.

If you're keen to find a red door, stay alert for the telltale sound they make—it's a kind of low static-like sound. Listen carefully as the red doors look relatively normal when closed. The short video below, from Redditor TheSystolicGem will give you a good idea of what to look out for. Once you've located one, interact with the door to open it and step through.

red_doors_are_such_a_cool_addition_to_the_game from r/CODWarzone

The doors I've found so far have taken me to a loot-filled room, so this is well worth trying, but time will tell when it comes to the full potential of these otherworldly portals.

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