Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 3 (1702 A.D. to 1868 A.D.)

Lines are drawn

1782 A.D.: Roman spies warn of a Russian plot against Sweden. The last warning regarding England never amounted to anything, and Rome is known to be on hostile terms with Russia. The Swedes begin to wonder about Roman spies. Nonetheless, they play it safe and refuse a declaration of friendship proposed by Russia later that year.

I hate to turn down Great Person points from friendship declarations, but it's getting to the point on the global stage where declaring friendship with the wrong nation could have dire ramifications. My advisers tell me that Rome has an even larger military than Greece (although their people are quite unhappy), and the last thing I need right now is Romans storming my beaches.

A Great Scientist founds the Academy of Westerland near Birka, a rival to the Academy of Birka. The Westerlands become the academic center of the world.

1788 A.D.: England denounces Russia. Upon hearing of this, Greece voices its support for the Russians by refusing to renew its declarations of friendship with English/Spanish-allied Sweden and Celtica.

Interesting. It seems Russia and Greece may be building an alliance that spans the Southern Hemisphere. If that happens, the four of us non-warmongering civs will probably have to bring Rome into our fold to act as a check.

1794 A.D.: The Swedish-Austrian road begins construction at Linköping to connect Sweden's Austrian holdings around Graz to the fatherland.