Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 3 (1702 A.D. to 1868 A.D.)

Much intrigue is brewed

1720 A.D.: Greek spies report that the Danes are planning another invasion of Sweden. Having manned their eastern border with the best troops available, the Swedes are less than worried.

1722 A.D.: Germany denounces Denmark, mostly just to remind the world that they still exist. This, ostensibly, puts them on the side of the Swedes, the Celts, and the Greeks, though they have participated in a grand total of no battles in the Great Continental War so far.

Later that year, the Celts approach the Swedish Lord-Governors with word that Greece plans to invade Celtic-occupied Salzburg. This betrayal is sure to shatter what remains of the once-mighty Continental Alliance, and the Celts seek allies in a war on Greece. The Swedes decline, knowing that the continent has seen enough war and wanting to foster stability, not more factional disputes.

Elsewhere, the Swedes make contact with the Eastern nation of England. Its magnificent capital of London dwarfs even great Vienna.

1726 A.D.: Swedish spies uncover that Greece is building a great fleet with the intention of sailing to the New World and invading England. They elect to keep this information to themselves.

I could earn some Brownie points with England by sharing my intel, but at this point that wouldn't do me a whole lot of good. Greece is right next door and has a larger (albeit more primitive) army than I do, so I'd prefer to keep them on good terms. Plus, if they're attacking England, they won't be attacking me.