Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 3 (1702 A.D. to 1868 A.D.)

The War That Wasn't

1820 A.D.: The Swedes formalize Scientific Theory.

I'm now turning toward Industrialization, which will let me upgrade my long-obsolete Crossbowmen into Gatling Guns, among other things.

Denmark requests an open borders pact. The Swedes invent the cynical eye-roll in response. Meanwhile, the Celts denounce Greece for supporting Austria instead of their once-allies.

1822 A.D.: The Sistine Chapel of Awesomeness is completed in Stockholm.

Nice. This will give me a pretty massive culture boost.

1824 A.D.: After twelve years of posturing, Austria once again asks for peace with Sweden. The Prophet's War ends with no actual military engagements having taken place. Later generations will nickname it "The War That Wasn't."