Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 3 (1702 A.D. to 1868 A.D.)

The powder keg is lit

1812 A.D.: An Austrian Great Prophet begins trying to spread Confucianism in Sweden. The Lord-Governor of the Southwest Territories orders his caravan arrested. Hearing of this, the Austrians become furious and declare war on Sweden.

1814 A.D.: Greece denounces the Swedes, supporting Austria in its grievances against them.

Hmmm. Until now, it seemed Greece was poised to attack Austria. But it seems my actions have thrown them into a makeshift alliance of opportunity. At least Greece hasn't gone as far as to declare war on me. Since it could now pass troops safely through Austrian lands, Graz would be very vulnerable. I dispatch a large helping of troops there immediately.

1816 A.D.: Rome asks for aid against Russia. With the war with Austria reignited, and renewed war on Denmark soon to follow, Sweden declines.