Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 3 (1702 A.D. to 1868 A.D.)

Greece's infamy grows

Winter, 1740 A.D.: The Austrians offer to empty the grand coffers of Vienna in exchange for peace. Sweden accepts the ransom, leaving one seasoned unit in Graz while the rest of its forces and the 1st Artillery head to the Eastern front to counter a continually rumored, second Danish invasion.

The Swedes and the Russians exchange embassies, and the Swedes master metallurgy.

This would allow me to build my unique Hakkapeliitta cavalry... if I had ANY horses AT ALL.

Spain and Austria jointly denounce Greece, which remains at war with Austria having rejected its treaty.

1746 A.D.: The Swedes sign a research agreement with the Celts.

Good. Clearly this scuffle over Salzburg has clued the Celts into the fact that Greece is steamrollering everyone at everything but science, and they don't need any more boosts in that department. This agreement was almost free for me, as well, as the ransom I got from Austria almost completely covered the cost. Who says war can't pay for science?

England joins in denouncing Greece, making it disliked by most of the known world.

1748 A.D.: Russian spies inform the Swedes that England is plotting against them.

Uh, so, a nation far less powerful than I am is planning on crossing the world to attack me, while under threat of invasion by the world's great superpower? Sounds like a good idea.

Later the same year, Spain goes to war with England. This likely halts whatever plans England had to invade Sweden.