Civilization V: The Swedish Saga, part 3 (1702 A.D. to 1868 A.D.)

The Battle of Graz

1728 A.D.: England and Sweden exchange embassies.

Later in the year, after securing the frontier, Swedish infantry finally march on the small city of Graz, Austria. Just North of Vienna, holding it would provide a strong foothold for assaulting the Unbreakable City.

1736 A.D.: The Swedes master Economics, as their armies besiege Graz with the aid of the 1st Artillery.

Summer, 1740 A.D.: A Swedish Great General leads a daring river crossing on the crumbling walls of Graz. His forces take heavy losses, filling the river with dead. But by noon of the following day, the city is in Swedish hands. They elect to leave the existing city council in place, under the watch of a governor-general from Birka. This marks the first Swedish occupation of a city belonging to a major foreign power in history.

Conquest, at last! I now own the Northwest portion of the continent, everything west of Denmark and east of what I'm calling the Austrian Alps. I'm electing to leave it a puppet for now, which means the AI will decide what it builds while I reap the raw benefits of owning it.

Across the sea, the Swedes meet the mighty Russian Empire.

In the cannon-shattered streets of Graz, Swedish generals draft a plan to cross the Southern fork of the Austrian River and take Vienna, with Celtic troops moving in from the Northwest to assist.