Christmas is no excuse to stop playing Guild Wars 2

While many will abstain from Guild Wars 2 over the Christmas break in the name of... family, or whatever, they'll be missing out on some holiday season festivities in the GW2 universe, starting December 14 and finishing January 3. Not only will there be a slew of new festive items in the Gem Store (weapon skins, holiday treasures etc), there is also a schedule of daily events. Tyria and the Mists will be decorated by "snowmen, presents, and holiday cheer", but according to the blog post on the Guild Wars 2 website - Lion's Arch is where it's at. Or it will be from December 20, anyway.

The events center around the benevolent voyage of one Toymaker Tixx, who will stop in a handful of locations before settling in the aforementioned Lion's Arch from December 20 until January 3. He'll be giving away toys and "holiday cheer", but if goodwill makes you feel sick you can always opt to play one of the three mini-games available. One of them lets you lob snow balls at others, which is nice. All the details are here .

Shaun Prescott

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