Cheap gaming TV deals UK: save on 4K screens for your PC

Cheap gaming TV deals UK
Cheap gaming TV deals UK

As a proud PC player, why would you need cheap gaming TV deals anyway? Surely it's all about monitors, right? You simply can't replicate that response rate or refresh rate on a gaming 4K TV, no matter how much you spend. Well, yes, that's true but 4K TVs have come on leaps and bounds in the past few years, especially for PC functionality, so they're becoming an increasingly good option if you're looking for a larger screen and you want to pay much less for 4K gaming. Yes, you sacrifice that 1ms response rate but... you potentially get a bigger screen for a fraction of the price of one of the best gaming monitors.

While Black Friday is undoubtedly the time to bag a cheap gaming TV for the year, you can still find great offers each week, if you know what to look for. March is actually a great time to buy a new TV if you're looking for a Samsung, as the company has started to roll out its new QLED range, meaning last year's models (which are amazing panels) are going VERY cheap.

Below are the cheapest deals on gaming TVs right now, with 'best savings' up top, and actual sub-£500 4K TVs beneath that.

Cheap gaming TV deals - best prices

Samsung Q9FN 55" QLED 4K TV | £1699 (save £600)
Last year's best 4K TV is still an absolute monster for gaming. With a 16ms response, 2000 HDR, and beautiful QLED panel it's tough to beat. And now you save £600. Buy at Amazon

Samsung Q6FN 75" QLED 4K TV | £2499
Want to go big? Like, massive? This QLED from Samsung is entry level for the Q series, but it's a whole lot of TV for £2500. And if you have a 75" screen, you want the sharp panel to show it off. Buy at Amazon

LG OLED65C8PLA 65" OLED HDR 4K Smart TV | £1,744
A terrific low-latency HDR 4K OLED panel that's well suited to gaming. The 65" version is currently at the lowest price we've seen, so you should see if you can stretch your budget. Buy at Amazon

Sony Bravia KD55XF8096 55" 4K Smart TV | £699 (save £500)
A great saving on a great set. The Sony TVs have powerful processors, which make them great for upscaling and creating better pictures on standard 4K pictures. Buy from Amazon.

Cheap gaming TVs under £500

Philips 50-Inch Ambilight 4K TV with HDR | £429 (£71 off)
Recommended by our friends at What Hi-Fi, this TV still does the cool ambient wall lighting that was in fashion recently. Not as cheap as on Black Friday, but still a great deal. Buy at Amazon

Samsung 49-inch 4K TV | £386 (£290 off)
This 4K HDR Samsung is a good deal on the budget end, especially as it's 49 inch. It still does HDR10, handles 4K well, and has Samsung's excellent UI. You can grab this from Amazon

Sony 43" 4K TV (XF7 series) | £499 (save £150)
Yes, you can get a bigger TV for less money, but Sony's XF7 series (with X-Reality Pro image upscaling) is a brilliant quality panel, and you're making a big saving here. Buy from Amazon

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