Celebrity SimCity: Day 3 - Everyone poops

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Disasters! Aliens! Sewage!

We took a brief hiatus while repair crews worked on the NA West 1 (giving us time to release a 3-page document outlining our criticisms ), but we've finally returned to PCG County . Despite unusually frequent seismic disasters and more than one sewage debacle, the region lives on: Notchtopia continues to grow, Belmonte Carlo is a playground for the rich, Hepatitis Seas is turning yellowish, and Executive Mayor Evan Lahti has now founded Texas II: Origins— this time, it's personoil.

In sadder news, urban planning expert Jordan Yin, Ph.D (opens in new tab) . has been abducted by aliens. The county hopes for the best—perhaps a Flight of the Navigator-style adventure—and has temporarily assumed governance over his city. Meanwhile, Mayor Chris Kluwe has been missing since last week. The county sheriff's office is still investigating Kluwe's disappearance, but information from an anonymous source inside the mayor's office suggests that he may have (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻.

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The State of the Region

Texas II: Origins strikes oil, Blue Lake mourns the loss of its mayor, and absolutely no one, except maybe one murderer from Whitta Vista, races to the rescue as disasters strike New Tyblurg. Pretty much everyone is sick, and no one is happy.

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Belmont to Brushwood: "I'm sending some poop to you"

In an official correspondence, the office of Mayor Veronica Belmont told the office of Mayor Brian Brushwood, "I'm sending some poop to you, hope that's ok." It wasn't.

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Notchtopia's Clean Air Initiative

A stunning transformation: in a mere weekend, Mayor Notch has grown his small town into a mid-sized city with an accredited university. But what has fueled its growth?

See our previous reports in Day 1 and Day 2 , or go all the way back to the announcement for more about the mayors.

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